Sales Tax Return Filing Services

Our sales tax professionals file sales tax returns in all applicable states county, city, and other local jurisdications. In contrast with other providers who may depend on third party filing software, we have the sales tax expertise to do paper filing with paper payment checks, or efiling with epay for any sales tax return. And we can switch back and forth when there is a benefit for some clients. Please see Sales Tax Filing Price

To get started with our Sales Tax Filing Service:

  1. Please read the Pricing
  2. 1. Please contact us and provide a list of states in which to register and file sales tax returns.
  3. 2. Please send us:
    a) If you are already filing returns, please send a tax calendar (entity, jurisdiction, filing frequency)
    b) sample sales reports
  4. 3. We will review your reports and send you approval status.
  5. 4. We will provide instructions on funding setup. We pay the states on your behalf. To ensure a smooth process, your bank account info will be needed for ACH Debit. You can provide your main bank account details, or you can create a separate bank account funded each month only for sales tax purpose.

Monthly Timeline Process for Sales Tax Filing:

Upfront:Report formats are approved. We send you a Profile sheet to fill out and send it back. You provide us with access to download reports from your platforms. (one time only)
1st-3rd:We download reports from your sales platforms.
1st-5th: We send Invoice and Funding Request Summary to you. You review within 1 to 2 days upon receipt for any required adjustment.
3rd-7th: We withdraw the invoiced amount from your account. For example, if we emailed Invoice on 4th, we will withdraw on the 6th if no reply on any issue is received from you.
27th-31st: We send returns, proof of payment, and/or confirmations to you.